Long Span

Racking System -Long Span
          Mystar LS500

Long Span Racking System
LS500, designed for medium duty storage, is the latest storage system developed by Prestar. The upright is a 50mm wide special C-profile with twin lug holes punched at 50mm vertical pitch. Fitted with horizontal and diagonal braces, the LS500 frame has a maximum frame load capacity of 3,995kg.

Manufactured using only high tensile steel, the LS500 racking system is design for medium duty storage of between 590kg to 1,997kg UDL on a shelf level of 1,219mm, 1,524mm, 1,828mm, 2,133mm & 2,438mm span; a performance not possible with other light duty shelving systems.


LS 500 Racking System offers a choice of timber of steel decking for shelf levels. This medium duty
shelving system is suitable for a variety of applications, including

  • storage and display of hardware items such as paint, power tools, sanitary ware etc.
  • storage and display of tyres and wheel rims
  • tools, dies, moulds and machinery spare parts in the production floor
  • bulky automative parts such as, windscreen, body parts, exhaust systems, brake discs, oil cans etc
  • live carton storage for FIFO order picking in the pharmaceutical, music, stationery, and food industry